Discover & sustain
long-term recovery
from addiction.


Discover & sustain
long-term recovery
from addiction.


Discover & sustain
long-term recovery
from addiction.

The Power of Recovery

A life without drugs and alcohol can be unimaginable to some. Yet for those too, staying clear of the destructive consequences of addiction is impossible. Battling this reality can take a lifetime and too often kills those who could have been helped.

All across America, millions of people who once were imprisoned by their addictions, are now living healthy, free and productive lives in recovery.

It’s time to share some of their stories.  Watch Open Recovery featured in Facing Addiction’s docu-series ‘Out of the Shadows‘.

And read the full article which made front page of the Huffington Post.

This Is Why Stigma Against Addiction Must Be Ended:

The rates of alcohol-involved emergency room (ER) visits in San Francisco is nearly 3 times the national average.

(2014, NIH report)

Approximately 7% of the Bay Area adult population is struggling with addiction, yet only 1 in 10 will receive treatment this year.
(National Institute on Drug Abuse)

Opioid overdose  (mostly prescribed medications) is the leading cause of drug-related deaths globally—greater than all illegal street drugs combined.
(2014 UN World Drug Report)

Recovery from Addiction is Possible:


Approximately 50,000 adults in San Francisco are in recovery, along with more than 500,000 people across the Bay Area.
(SAMHSA study)


23 million adults in the US are are in long-term recovery from addiction.
(Partnership at and the New York State office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services)

The Center for Open Recovery (COR) champions long-term recovery from addiction. An evolution of identity after 58 years known as The National Council on Alcoholism and other drug Addictions, Bay Area. We remain inspired by the work of Marty Mann – and focused on helping people find recovery. We accomplish this through advocacy, community events, educational programs, support services, and partnerships with a cross-sector of providers throughout the Bay Area. Find your path:


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