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February 2016

From COR Director

Election Promises and Recovery Parades

Last week, I listened to one of our presidential candidates outline a ‘five point plan’ for addressing the nation's opioid and heroin epidemic. The plan entailed: 1. Reforming the criminal  justice system to move people with addiction from denial into treatment — rather than into jails. 2. Building greater treatment capacity to increase the number of people who can access help and also reduce the waiting time. 3. Distributing rescue kits widely to be immediately responsive to those who overdose. 4. Utilizing a national database tracking prescriptions to stop doctors and patients from over-dispensing. 5. Changing attitudes to get rid of the stigma of addiction through nationwide prevention and education programs. I absolutely agree with all the points above. However, glaringly absent, from this list is a point focused on supporting long-term recovery. In my opinion, supporting long-term recovery is essential for a truly comprehensive and affective plan. Today the…