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March 2016

Recovery Inspiration

Why “open recovery” matters for the community

Center for Open Recovery’s Drug Diversion Program is geared towards supporting  participants to make positive behavioral and lifestyles changes through the reduction of and/or elimination of using alcohol and other drugs as a solution that actually causes unwelcomed and unintended problems. Instead of reaching for substances, we help clients identify other healthier choices that they can make to enhance their lives and empower themselves to live healthily and positively. Our Drug Diversion Programs consist of 12-24 weeks of group education and counseling sessions. Ryan K. recently participated in the three month Drug Diversion Program, completing the program in January 2016.  He shared the unexpected benefits of his experience: "As I think back to being handcuffed and walking out of the courthouse, it was hard to see what could come out of it.  I was arrested -- a bag of cocaine fell out of my pocket at the Bay to Breakers…