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Leading an Organization That Hopes to Remove the Shame of Recovery from Addiction and Bring Those Stories to the Light of Day

WHEN FAY ZENOFF became executive director of the Bay Area chapter of the National Council on Alcoholism in 2014, she decided that the organization needed a new, more vibrant focus. Yes, addiction was having a huge impact on the country. Zenoff, an MBA with years of corporate experience, could see it from her office window in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. But where could her organization have the most impact? Zenoff enlisted the Harvard Business School’s Community Partners to help her clarify her mission. She and her staff knew that there were resources (though not enough) for people who had reached crisis stage and needed treatment. But what about for the 23 million Americans currently living in recovery from addiction? It was a subject that Zenoff, a Larkspur resident, knew well. She’s been sober almost 10 years herself. After much brainstorming, Zenoff and her staff decided they could do the greatest…
Seean O'Donnell
February 21, 2019