About Center for Open Recovery

Center for Open Recovery (COR) is leading the charge to end the stigma of addiction by empowering people in recovery to step out of the shadows of shame, shift the public’s understanding about outcomes and help tackle this health crisis.

COR, an independent nonprofit based in San Francisco,  is responding to the opioid overdose and drug addiction epidemic by shattering stereotypes and disrupting stigma, to end discrimination so that more people can find the resources and support needed to live healthily.

Through bold initiatives in education, advocacy, and transformative personal experiences in community, COR is mobilizing ‘Open Recovery’ – a recovery identity and paradigm-shift, as an affront to the shame of addiction. Open Recovery inspires, supports and demands change in the way we respond to addiction in the Bay Area and beyond.

Center for Open Recovery champions long-term recovery by ending the stigma of addiction.

Our Vision
Center for Open Recovery envisions a world where there is freedom from addiction.

Celebrate Recovery.