Fiscal Results

2017-2018 Fiscal Model

As of July 2017, COR’s priorities and operating model shifted to focus exclusively on tackling stigma. ┬áRather than continuing to offer direct services from a bricks & mortar location, COR re-directed active clients to other local providers, let go of government contracts and become a virtual organization, substantially reducing overhead while increasing the ability to be innovative, nimble and responsive.

Today, 100% of COR’s trailblazing work is funded through the generosity of bold philanthropic partners, who understand the dire need to disrupt stigma, as a key barrier to addressing the addiction crisis in our country.

2015-2016 Financials

TOTAL INCOME: $1,157,270
Direct Client Services $626,469 (54%)
City & County Contracts: $214,399 (19%)
Charitable Contributions: $316,401 (27%)

Direct Client Services

City & County Contracts

Charitable Contributions

Program $914,553 (80%)
Administration: $77,532 (6%)
Development: $146,818 (13%)