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COR: A Tenderloin Tale of Hope

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I no longer drink alcohol. It’s something I need to explain, because it’s something I don’t fully understand. This is a relatively recent thing, I should add. I have been dry for sixteen months, after nearly 50 years of… not being dry. My earliest exposure to alcohol came in a religious context. At my parents’ Passover table one year – I must have been five or six – I discovered that the sweet wine used in the service produced a dizzying sensation that was at once both frightening and funny. After that, I looked forward to the sips and small cups that punctuated Sabbath and festival observance, and which, with the benefit of hindsight, served as the nursery slopes of (much) more copious drinking as an adult. In my first career, as a peripatetic double-bass player, alcohol was the sea in which we all swam. From my decade of small-time…

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Did you catch COR in HuffPost?

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All across America, millions of people who once were imprisoned by their addictions, are now living healthy, free and productive lives in recovery. It’s time to share some of their stories. Watch Open Recovery featured in Facing Addiction's docu-series 'Out of the Shadows'. And read the full article which made front page of the Huffington Post.
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