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Our New Branding

We have evolved our brand identity as we have evolved our purpose yet remain steadfast in our founding mission to end the stigma of addiction and champion long term recovery. We are no longer place-based, nor a provider of direct services - rather Open Recovery today is a virtual nonprofit working with individuals and organizations across the country to change the understanding of recovery - from a narrow stigmatized identity of despair to a dynamic paradigm of hope, healing and health.
Andrew Lovold
July 9, 2019
In The News

Leading an Organization That Hopes to Remove the Shame of Recovery from Addiction and Bring Those Stories to the Light of Day

WHEN FAY ZENOFF became executive director of the Bay Area chapter of the National Council on Alcoholism in 2014, she decided that the organization needed a new, more vibrant focus. Yes, addiction was having a huge impact on the country. Zenoff, an MBA with years of corporate experience, could see it from her office window in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. But where could her organization have the most impact? Zenoff enlisted the Harvard Business School’s Community Partners to help her clarify her mission. She and her staff knew that there were resources (though not enough) for people who had reached crisis stage and needed treatment. But what about for the 23 million Americans currently living in recovery from addiction? It was a subject that Zenoff, a Larkspur resident, knew well. She’s been sober almost 10 years herself. After much brainstorming, Zenoff and her staff decided they could do the greatest…
Seean O'Donnell
February 21, 2019
Recovery Inspiration

A Mother’s Open Perspective

Open Recovery in the Family: A Physician's Personal Experience Earlier this month, a woman living in northern California gathered the support of her friends, family and colleagues to forward the Open Recovery paradigm within her network. She believes in the power of being open as an affront to stigma. We sat down and had a conversation with her – her enthusiasm transpired through the candid dialogue. Working as an internal medicine physician at a large hospital in an affluent community, Susan works on healthcare programs which service a population often invisible to many. Her focus has been to lead programs which offer patient-centered wraparound services for underserved and vulnerable populations experiencing poor health outcomes, like those struggling with substance use disorder. Programs like these coordinate health, behavioral health and social services in the patient’s care, providing services beyond the doctor’s office and promoting improved wellbeing. Beyond her work as a physician,…
Pedro Torres
December 14, 2018
Recovery Inspiration

I can hold my head up high, be proud of who I am, and be open about my recovery

I have been battling addiction since the age of 12 and I've had years of sobriety followed by years of relapses. My best time high doesn’t come close to my worse time sober. I am no longer a slave to addiction. I don’t have to be the person I once was. It’s a freeing feeling not waking up sick worrying about the next high. I have hope and faith and real friends. I can hold my head up high, be proud of who I am, and be open about my recovery. It’s a battle but a battle I’m not willing to lose. I wake up with faith and joy! One day at a time I get stronger! The struggle is real. My name is Raeanne and #THISISRECOVERY.
Pedro Torres
December 4, 2018
COR News

Recovery Leader is OPEN – The Jewish News

...Today, we focus on empowering an ignored, invisible and silent population — the more than 500,000 people in the Bay Area living in recovery from addiction. We do this work through advocacy and education, via media campaigns and transformative experiences. We want to shatter negative stereotypes that lead to shame, stigma and backlash. Read the story here.