Clinical Assessment

Clinical Assessment is often an invaluable first step to help individuals, family members, and professionals understand the best approach toward treating addiction-related issues.

We offer professional and discreet addiction assessments conducted by our licensed addiction professionals. Clinical assessments and evaluations help to determine what is the central problem and the optimal level and type of care needed.

Center for Open Recovery clinical assessments range in price from $200-$350 per session. Prices are dependent upon referring courts and/or states requirements and assessments needed.

To schedule an appointment with one of our licensed addiction professionals, or for more information, please email us at or call us at 415-296-9900.

Our Name Has Changed
The National Council on Alcoholism and other Drug Addictions – Bay Area (NCA-BA) is now: Center for Open Recovery. (COR) Our name has changed and our mission has too. With so many capable direct-service providers helping people face their addictions, we are able to strengthen their work by focusing our resources on supporting people to maintain and live life in recovery. Visit the COR website to learn

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