Drug Testing

We provide Drug Testing services for the City of San Francisco and private-sector Bay Area entities, such as employment agencies, as well as for individuals and their families.

Our Drug Testing services are more than just laboratory and sample collection. We design and manage testing programs using consistent and certified testing protocols and procedures – and make sure the testing clients are treated with dignity, respect, and discretion.

Our Drug Testing programs seamlessly integrate every element of our clients’ testing needs, including collections, laboratory services, results reporting, and every step in between, creating the most efficient, accurate, seamless, and cost effective solutions available.

We are available to support the efforts of our clients’ recovery, regulatory compliance, and/or drug-free workplace programs. Please contact us to learn how our Drug Testing services can help you or your organization.


  • Standard 10-panel test $50.00
  • ETG testing $40.00
  • Combination test: 10-panel and ETG $70.00

Our Name Has Changed
The National Council on Alcoholism and other Drug Addictions – Bay Area (NCA-BA) is now: Center for Open Recovery. (COR) Our name has changed and our mission has too. With so many capable direct-service providers helping people face their addictions, we are able to strengthen their work by focusing our resources on supporting people to maintain and live life in recovery. Visit the COR website to learn more.OpenRecoverySF.org

Contact Us: 415-296.9900 info@openrecoverysf.org