NEW: Recovery Presentations & Workshops in the Workplace

COR’s innovative presentations and workshops engage and educate participants about recovery in the workplace to create a more recovery-conducive (healthy) work environment, supporting inclusion, diversity, health, safety and productivity while reducing the costs associated with lost productivity due to addiction recovery issues.  The interactive and customization workshops can address:

  • What it means (and doesn’t mean) to be in recovery
  • What is ‘Open Recovery’
  • Developing recovery-conducive environments
  • Audit of current work environment – evaluating culture and norms regarding drinking/drugging, addiction and recovery
  • Supporting needs of employees in recovery and those needing help
  • Resources available,  beyond EAP crisis intervention/recovery programs
  • Other relevant issues


  • Do health benefits, policies and corporate culture support employees impacted by addiction and or in recovery? Does this differ from what is offered to those impacted by accidents, cancer, HIV, MLS? Do health plans offered cover non-opioid pain-relief options?
  • Do teams, departments and/or colleagues rally around employees facing (or recovering from) life- threatening conditions? Does this included addiction? Is supporting the whole person a value?
  • Does the organization respond to addiction as an episodic crisis, to be resolved quickly & quietly via short-term behavioral change (off-site)? Is addiction recognized as a chronic & progressive disease?
  • Are employees celebrated/supported when returning from intensive treatment? Are anniversaries of recovery acknowledged? Are other health milestones celebrated – such as remission from cancer?
  • Do diversity efforts include those impacted by addiction and employees in recovery? Are any senior managers open about recovery from addiction? Or about cancer? Why or why not?
  • What percentage of work-related activities – such as, client cultivation, and team building efforts include serving/drinking alcohol as a component of strengthening camaraderie? Are non-alcoholic refreshments served instead of/in conjunction with alcohol – and given the same fain-fare? Why?
  • Does your company offer vegetarian options when providing food? Non-smoking environments? Alcohol free dining areas? Offer time for recovery-oriented meetings inside or outside of work?
  • Does your organization sponsor or participate in health-oriented community events? Are stigma, addiction or recovery efforts publicly supported with grants, co-branding, event attendance?

Open Recovery is NOT a challenge to or violation of Anonymity.

To learn more and to bring Recovery Presentations and Workshops in your workplace, please contact Fay Zenoff at 415-296-9047 or