Strengthening Families

The 14-week evidence-based program supports parents to strengthen bonds with their teenage children by learning and practicing effective parenting skills — including self-regulation, clear communication and boundary setting techniques.

The program is offered in English and in Spanish, delivered directly in the communities where participating families live and is designed to be educational, therapeutic, empowering and accessible for all.

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Client Testimonial

I live in the Tenderloin. I am a single mother with two teenage daughters (ages 15 and 19).  I work as a cashier in a restaurant. The Strengthening Families Program was offered at my daughter’s school.  It was very short, but very helpful. We met about once a week for 4 or 5 weeks in a row.  One of the facilitators worked with the parents and the other worked with the kids. In the program I learned how to talk (more effectively) with my kids, how to be more organized and how to listen.  My daughter learned that I as her mother need her help and she began to understand and appreciate me much more.  After the course we got along much better and worked well together at home.  The course was offered in Spanish and the instructor I worked with was very clear, compassionate and patient.  I was aware of the program for a few years but only signed up after my eldest daughter got older.  I now wish I had taken it earlier.  It was really helpful.”

Sofia Vazquez, Strengthening Families Program Participant

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