From Darkness to ‘Open Recovery’

By January 22, 2016 January 29th, 2016 Recovery Inspiration

“As I think back to being handcuffed and walking out of the courthouse, it was hard to see what could come out of it.

I was arrested — a bag of cocaine fell out of my pocket at the Bay to Breakers race. Those were dark days. It was tough for me to swallow the impact of my situation – especially on my family. My parents work for the government – and as a result of my arrest, my mom lost her security clearance.

Instead of going to jail, I participated in the 3 month Drug Diversion program at COR. Most of us got there and were anxious to get through it. There were 20 people in the program when I arrived. We met weekly and over time we began to open up and talk. The facilitators really cared. I got comfortable and began to see how the others transformed their lives and I took it seriously. It was subtle – but we learned to move forward and we learned to focus on the more meaningful. We looked beyond the drugs at the actual problems and issues that we were dealing with.

This ‘open recovery’ platform really made sense to me – valuing people and their recovery as a whole. I used this opportunity to better myself. I learned to be constructive, to create a new environment and today I am doing really well. I have changed my approach to drugs. I am more cautious. I don’t look away when I can’t find my way. If I need a relief, I think about the future. I met my new business partner in class and today we are supporting schools in South America. We just opened a storefront on Maiden Lane.

When I completed the program I approached the staff to let them know how grateful I am, what a change has occurred in my life and how I really appreciate ‘open recovery’ as a concept. I am not keeping this a secret, I am sharing my experience with others.”

Ryan K.
– Drug Diversion 3-Month Program Participant (completed January 2016)