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From Darkness to ‘Open Recovery’

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“As I think back to being handcuffed and walking out of the courthouse, it was hard to see what could come out of it. I was arrested — a bag of cocaine fell out of my pocket at the Bay to Breakers race. Those were dark days. It was tough for me to swallow the impact of my situation – especially on my family. My parents work for the government – and as a result of my arrest, my mom lost her security clearance. Instead of going to jail, I participated in the 3 month Drug Diversion program at COR. Most of us got there and were anxious to get through it. There were 20 people in the program when I arrived. We met weekly and over time we began to open up and talk. The facilitators really cared. I got comfortable and began to see how the others transformed…

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Ending shame to save our children’s lives

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I received a call just before the holidays from someone interested in donating to one of our prevention programs. It’s not often that we are sought out by a prospective donor. The importance of our work seems largely obscured by the prevailing societal disdain for addicts. We all know that this country has waged a “war on drugs” for several decades now, resulting in our criminalizing users rather than minimizing the flow of illegal substances onto our streets . This means many of those needing help are met with judgment and typically given minimal access to short-term resources if not incarcerated. So I was quite interested to understand what had prompted this unexpected call. My heart sank as I listened to the all too familiar story of loss, grief, heartbreak and shock. The day prior to our conversation, the caller’s best friend had lost her son to a drug overdose….

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