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A Pause in the Storm

Did I have a drinking problem? Let's just say, I did not have a problem drinking. I drank at sporting events, in college, at pool parties. I never thought that much about it. But things spiked when the economy went down in 2010 and my firm essentially closed its doors. I was under-employed and it hurt. I was home drinking and doing yard work. I went to get some gas and came back. Then the police arrived and I was arrested for a driving under the influence. It was an unfortunate mistake. I had essentially done the same thing years before. My wife had poured out my booze - so I went out to get more. And when I got back - the police showed up. I had never been arrested before. I enrolled in a DUI class at COR (then it was called NCA) - as part of what…
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November 6, 2015