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Secondhand Drinking Recovery

My name is Lisa Frederiksen. I’m 62 years old. In 2015, I celebrated 34 years recovery from anorexia and bulimia – the eating disorders with which I’d struggled for 12 years. I also celebrated 12 years recovery from secondhand drinking – the impacts of loved ones’ drinking behaviors with which I’d struggled for nearly four decades. “Recovery” From Eating Disorders Thanksgiving is the day I quietly celebrate my recovery from bulimia even though my recovery had started around Halloween.  That’s when I happened to read a small column in a Newsweek magazine that talked about a woman who’d been eating huge quantities of food and then throwing it up — for seven years. The column went on to call this behavior bulimarexia. I’d never heard the term but just reading that someone else was doing what I’d been doing, and that she’d stopped, dropped me to my knees. I write, “quietly celebrate,” because back…
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January 27, 2016