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One Man’s Journey

My name is Richard ... I have 31 years of continuous sobriety. I grew up in a loving middle income family in New York City ... My father was a business owner and an ALCOHOLIC ... my mom was a stay at home mother.... My job was to IGNORE the stress of his drinking, anger, and bickering. I acted as if everything was normal ... this is where I developed my CO-DEPENDENCE ... I learned to hold in the stress and compensate with FOOD, my first ADDICTION. It helped me to regulate my emotions and hide my pain.               This was followed by  GIRLS, PORNOGRAPHY, ALCOHOL, FALLING IN LOVE, and  DRUGS... BREAKING OUT At the age of 23, I was married, and a salesman . I was like a 50 years old man!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 26, in 1967, I tried L.S.D. and  TURNED ON and DROPPED OUT ... I left everything I knew and moved…
Center for Open Recovery
November 6, 2015

New name, new focus, big celebration!

From an outsider’s perspective, it may seem like it’s been a bit quiet over here this past year. Well, after our big move last summer to 1170 Market Street – we did indeed go pretty silent… but we were working hard on lots of great things and are now super excited to share. As you now see...we’ve unveiled a new name. And with it, a new identity, and an evolution of purpose. We have shifted our focus from  “the problem”- addiction, to the “solution”, long-term recovery. Because as anyone in recovery knows, it’s a lifelong process – not a one-time event. So explore our new website and learn about our new initiatives. Yes, we do still offer our well-known NCA programs such as DUI, Diversion and Counseling.So explore our programs and projects to learn more and get involved. And now for another big announcement.... We thought the new name deserved…
Center for Open Recovery
October 21, 2015