Youth Empowerment

In-School Program: Project Choice

We partner with San Francisco public and private schools to provide students with the information and understanding they will need to make healthy and informed decisions as they enter the more socially complex phases of adolescence and young adulthood.

Our  instructors are full-time members of the Center for Open Recovery staff and are trained to deliver complex information in an age-appropriate, interesting, objective, safe and clear way.

Our curriculum is derived from  the award-winning Botvin LifeSkills training program, which has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, as an effective educational and prevention program shown to cut the rates of alcohol and marijuana use in youth in addition to reducing risky behavior.

After-School Program: Project Connect

Project Connect is a mentor-style after-school program designed to help youth become agents of change in their own communities. Project Connect supports youth to 1) understand the potentially negative health consequences of alcohol abuse, 2) recognize the impact and implications of the excess availability of alcohol outlets in their communities, and 3) experience the power of change that is possible through education, engagement, partnership and social action.

The program utilizes environmental prevention strategies to help youth change and influence community conditions, standards, systems and policies impacting their community. Operating through a collaborative framework, youth work with community service providers, local stakeholders and youth allies to address public health related issues.

Quotes from Youth Participants:

“This class has helped me because my dad is an alcoholic and has done drugs but has stopped doing drugs. I know it is wrong but I hope he leaves me. I have been physically bullied, and I haven’t told anyone, but now I will because of this teacher.”

“It was super awesome! Thank you! Our educator was relatable, helpful, informative, and entertaining.”

“Awesome, funny, great teacher who is into what he does.”

“It definitely makes me not want to ever do drugs or alcohol.”

“Our class loved this teacher because he was truthful & helpful.”

“I learned a lot and it really opened my eyes up to the dangers of drugs especially smoking.”

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