Recovery Fest 2018

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Our Mission

Open Recovery champions long-term recovery by ending the stigma of addiction.

We envision a world in which people affected by substance use disorders have broad access to resources that support their long-term wellness, health and dignity. Working within a social-impact model, we strive to reach, compel, invite and inspire those in long-term recovery to become agents of change by coming out of the closet. We call this Open Recovery.

Ending the Stigma

COR works to destigmatize addiction and recovery by re-branding recovery through bold media campaigns and recovery-empowering events, what we call recovery experiences. Our work is to shift the public’s understanding about the prevalence and power of recovery – which is everywhere. We invite people in recovery – who have until now have stayed in the shadows to see positive reflections of themselves – a call to own their recovery. We embolden people to take part in greater investment, advocacy, and action to tackle the disease of addiction. Join us. BE OPEN.


Is how many adults in the US are are in long-term recovery from addiction.

(Partnership at and the New York State office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services)

Why be Open?

With 23 million people in this country living in long-term recovery, there is an untapped potential to radically alter the course of this public health crisis. Individually and collectively, by simply being open about life today — people can demystify recovery, destigmatize addiction, and change the horrific fact that millions of people struggling with substance use disorders are neglected, criminalized and left dying from a disease that is treatable. What stands in the way of harnessing the power of people in recovery? Stigma. How do we reach those who remain invisible and silent who wish to avoid backlash and consequences associated with addiction?